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Why Our Journals are So Effective

Take your recovery to new heights with our Journal and Workbook


Twelve Step recovery is many things… awesome, miraculous, transformative. It’s also challenging, confronting and at times, confusing.


You know it works, you know what you should be doing. But old habits and faulty thinking don’t just disappear over night. Prioritizing your recovery isn’t always easy. What may be missing is a system and a structure to work the steps and principles into your daily life.


Our Journal and Workbook have been created using proven systems designed specifically for addicts in Twelve Step recovery, taking the thinking out of the equation, replacing overwhelm with ease.


The 12 step journal on a blue background with the text: The Science behind the 12 step journal


The 12 Step Journal is a daily guided journal for anyone, at any stage of Twelve Step recovery. It provides a daily blueprint for a clean and sober life by encouraging consistent use of the tools of recovery. It’s been built around 3 key proven concepts:


Harnessing Consistency

The 12 Step Journal is founded on the psychological principle of regular engagement leading to reinforced behaviour patterns. Consistency in any recovery process significantly enhances the likelihood of long-term success by creating stable routines and expectations. For users of our journal, this consistent daily interaction not only embeds the core principles of the Twelve Step recovery process into their daily lives but also fosters a disciplined approach to self-reflection and personal growth, ultimately contributing to a sustained recovery journey.


Habit Formation

The science of Habit Formation is pivotal to the efficacy of The 12 Step Journal. Neurological studies have demonstrated that the formation of habits is facilitated by the repetition of actions, which leads to changes in the structure of the brain, known as neuroplasticity. By integrating daily journaling and reflection into the recovery process, The 12 Step Journal leverages this principle, encouraging the development of positive habits that are essential for recovery. These habits, once established, serve as foundational pillars for living a clean and sober life, enabling individuals to navigate the challenges of recovery with resilience and a strengthened mindset.


The Power of Journaling

The Power of Journaling is rooted in its therapeutic potential, which has been extensively documented in psychological research. Journaling offers a structured method for individuals to articulate thoughts, emotions, and experiences, facilitating a process of self-discovery and emotional catharsis. For users of The 12 Step Journal, this practice is particularly beneficial, as it provides a means to process the complexities of addiction and recovery in a tangible and reflective manner. Scientific evidence supports the notion that journaling can significantly reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance overall mental health. Thus, The 12 Step Journal harnesses this power to support individuals in their recovery journey, offering a daily outlet for expression and introspection that promotes healing and personal growth.



The 12 step workbook on a red background with the text: The science behind the 12 step workbook


The 12 Step Workbook is a gentle and loving guided journey through each of the Twelve Steps, for those embarking on their journey of recovery. Each step is thoroughly explored using questions, reflections, exercises and inventories, leaving no stone unturned. The workbook harnesses 3 key proven concepts:


The Benefits of writing out your step work

Writing down your step work, as emphasized in The 12 Step Workbook, is underpinned by cognitive psychology's understanding of the encoding process. The act of writing not only externalizes thoughts and feelings, making them more concrete and manageable but also enhances memory retention and comprehension. This process allows individuals in recovery to more effectively internalize the principles of each step, providing a clear record of their journey and progress. By facilitating a deeper engagement with the material, The 12 Step Workbook ensures that the insights and breakthroughs encountered during the recovery process are not only acknowledged but solidified, thereby enhancing the transformative impact of the Twelve Step program.


Deep Reflection

Deep Reflection, a core aspect of The 12 Step Workbook, is supported by the psychological concept of introspection, which plays a crucial role in personal growth and emotional healing. This reflective practice encourages individuals to delve into their thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, offering a pathway to understanding the root causes of their addiction. It fosters a heightened level of self-awareness and self-compassion, essential components for recovery. Engaging in deep reflection through the guided exercises and inventories within the workbook allows for a profound exploration of one's inner world, leading to meaningful insights and the development of coping strategies that support long-term recovery.


Personalized Recovery Pathway

The concept of a Personalized Recovery Pathway, integral to The 12 Step Workbook, aligns with the psychological principle of individual differences, acknowledging that each person's journey to recovery is unique. Personalization in the recovery process is crucial for its effectiveness, as it allows individuals to tailor the steps to their specific needs, challenges, and goals. This approach not only increases the relevance and applicability of the recovery process but also empowers individuals by giving them agency in their own journey. The 12 Step Workbook facilitates this personalization through its flexible structure, enabling users to adapt exercises, reflections, and step work to best suit their path to sobriety. By recognizing and accommodating the diversity of experiences in addiction and recovery, the workbook ensures that each individual's path is both respected and supported, leading to more meaningful and sustained progress.

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Specifically designed for both men and women in recovery