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About Us




We are a small group of addicts in twelve step recovery from a variety of backgrounds. We're a close-knit team who've walked through tough times with addiction but found transformation and a new start thanks. What unites us is that we got our lives back through working the program.  


In our respective fellowships, like in any fellowship, there are a mixture of experiences in recovery. At one extreme, there are the inspirational success stories, where people completely turn their lives around, from the darkest of rock bottoms, to serenity, freedom, and joy. While at the other extreme, there are those of us who can’t seem to build up much sobriety, who struggle with frequent relapses, who are mired in fear, anger, and shame. And of course, there is a whole spectrum of people in between.


We became interested in what causes some to recover well, and some to struggle. It was clear that it wasn’t desire for recovery, intelligence, or the amount of free time people had in their days. In fact, the answer was simple and obvious. It was down to consistency. Those who worked the program into their lives consistently, every day, recovered well and entered an upward trajectory. And those who didn’t, didn’t.


It wasn’t about hard work or putting in lots and lots of time. It was about consistency. The Big Book talks about a daily reprieve, not a weekly one that can be hard-worked one or two days a week and ignored the rest of the time. Sporadic bursts of effort didn’t work. As addicts in twelve step recovery, we have a wealth of tools at our disposal. If we use them consistently, we recover and if we don’t, we don’t.


Many of us struggled to use these tools each day, and we had a variety of reasons, excuses and explanations. We came to see that it was these very reasons, excuses and explanations that would kill us in the end. The only thing that mattered was working the program consistently, each day. And all there is to do is work it today.


Filled with gratitude and a deep desire to give back to our fellowships, the wider Twelve Step community, and our fellows in recovery, we set about creating a resource that would help those in recovery to work the program consistently. We wanted it to be suitable for everyone in the program, whether just starting out or with decades of recovery. We wanted it to be totally aligned to Twelve Step principles and literature, and we wanted it to be flexible and adaptable rather than prescriptive and authoritarian.


As an act of service, we lovingly created The 12 Step Journal. With a blend of excitement and reverence, we launched it in 2019, and held our breath. We knew we had created something special, but we weren’t prepared for the overwhelmingly positive feedback we got, right from the start.


Moved and encouraged by this reception, we recognized another opportunity to contribute. While The 12 Step Journal provides a daily blueprint for a clean and sober life, we wanted to create another resource specifically for those of us who are actively working through the steps.


Each of the Twelve Steps is uniquely powerful and transformative, and what counts is thoroughness. We wanted to create a resource that would help people to get the most out of each and every one of the Twelve Steps, leaving no stone unturned. We wanted to help people really get each step on a deep, experiential level. Knowing that there as many ways to work through the steps as there are people in recovery, we wanted it to be fully flexible and adaptable. We wanted it to support not only the person working the steps, but also their sponsor. And we wanted it to be a gentle and loving, guided journey, providing a beautiful place for all step work to be done, to be kept and cherished forever.


And so, in 2021, The 12 Step Workbook was born. And once again we were overwhelmed with the gratitude and love that poured in from our customers. Honestly, it’s like a dream come true for us. As the demand for both journals continues to grow, so does our desire to serve. We truly love each and every one of you and want you to have the freedom and serenity that’s available through Twelve Step recovery.


A person on a mountain celebrating freedom from addiction


Our mission is to ignite transformative journeys toward freedom and recovery from addiction, touching as many lives as possible with tools that empower, inspire, and heal. At the heart of our endeavor is a profound belief in the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of consistent, daily actions. We dedicate ourselves to offering resources that not only guide but also support and enrich the path to serenity, self-discovery, and lasting change. Through our work, we aspire to create a beacon of hope and a community of support for all those seeking to reclaim their lives from addiction. In doing so, we aim to foster a world where freedom, peace, and joy are accessible to everyone on their recovery journey.

Beautiful Flexi-bound Cover

With silver foil stamping and embossed design

Luxurious 28lb/100gsm Paper

Bound so pages can lay flat - perfect for writing in

Lasts 6 Months if Used Everyday

26 undated weeks. Each week has 7 daily pages plus a Weekly Check-in


Specifically designed for both men and women in recovery